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Guild Information and Policies

Months Behind
was created on US-Eredar on January 6, 2006. Yup. We were a raiding guild from the start, and we're going to continue to be a raiding guild well into the future.

Some of our recent raiding accomplishments include
-8/8 25 Heroic Dragon Soul
-6/6 25 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults
-6/6 25 Heroic Heart of Fear
-2/4 25 Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring
-13/13 25 Heroic Throne of Thunder
-Heroic Lei Shen US-109
-Ra-den 25 US-96
-14/14 25 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar
-Heroic Garrosh Hellscream US-75

In addition to our Heroic progression, we have a history of being involved with World of Warcraft raiding community at large, too. We were featured in the documentary "The Raid", and our former GM Lore used to host shows on Tankspot and Gamebreaker.tv before moving on to become a CM at Blizzard. A few of our members are regular streamers on Twitch, and we still get involved in the occasional class guide or fun project from time to time.

While raiding and being involved with World of Warcraft is how you get INTO the guild, what you end up getting out of it is so much more. The people here really enjoy playing games together, whether it's World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Hot-Steam-Game-Of-The-Month, or doing a Google Hangout and drinking the night away playing Cards Against Humanity. We value our community in and out of the World of Warcraft. A trial here is a trial to become not just a raider but a community member and friend. We want <Months Behind> to be the guild you retire in.

Raid Environment
While we value progression and preparedness, we generally keep things lighthearted in raid. We are looking for committed raiders who show up to raid knowing what their role will be on any encounter, farm or progression. At the same time, we expect our raiders to have a relaxed attitude and generally be able to take a joke.

Our current schedule is Sunday-Tuesday 8pm- 12am EST with Wednesdays as needed 8pm-12am EST

To be prepared for raid, we expect raiders...
-to be ready to play the optimal or requested spec for any given encounter.
-to know the mechanics and their specific role on an encounter we will be progressing on. If you have any questions, please ask an officer or a fellow raid member, We would rather clarify before a mistake is made.
-to be fully and correctly gemmed and enchanted at all times.
-to be fully committed without other responsibilities during raid hours. While we expect an occasional absence to come up, please try and schedule other activities around raid time. 19 other people are counting on you to be committed to this schedule. We have a 10 minute scheduled break at 10pm for any quick afks that may be necessary during raid.
-to be stocked with any necessary consumables. You are required to be fed and flasked during raid.

The bench
We expect all raiders to occasionally sit on the bench. We do not have an assigned bench. We like to rotate it. If we cannot rely on volunteers for the bench, we sit people because....
-their class/spec is less optimal for the encounter. (Lower dps, no raid cooldown, more ranged needed, etc)
-they are having issues as internet/hardware problems or UI issues. These issues must be solved ASAP in order to come off of the bench.
-they can't handle a mechanic or are having a bad night.

Keep in mind, you are never going to be sat without reason. Your R.O will explain why you are being sat and what they expect you to resolve by the next raid. We do not just sit people indefinitely without explanation.
If you feel it necessary to continue a conversation about being benched, please handle this with your R.O after raid.

We expect raiders to maintain a near perfect attendance rate. Real life does get in the way sometimes but to us this is not JUST a video game. You have a group of very real people who rely on you to be there every scheduled night. That being said, if you have to miss a raid day you must post out in our attendance thread. Your role officer will give you access to this and other threads upon acceptance.

We use a loot council made up of the officers. We try to be as fair as possible when assigning loot. Officers are not fed loot and we do not play favorites. If you snoop on our wowprogress page you will see that the item levels of our raiders are fairly even. Loot is looked at as an upgrade to the raid as a whole not to the individual.

There are many factors in making loot “fair”. None of these factors alone give a straight answer for how loot is distributed. We discuss all factors before making a decision including...
-How big of an upgrade a piece of loot is for each of the bidders.
-How much loot they have received from the council. We keep track of loot received including the average loot per night given to each raider.
-How well the bidder performs their role.
-How much effort they put into raid.
-Attendance. We track this for this reason.
-How long the bidders have been in the guild. Raiders are generally preferred over trials but exceptions are sometimes made.

To make bidding on loot more streamlined, we use http://www.curse.com...epgp_lootmaster.
To bid on loot, a box for each item dropped will appear on your screen. The interface allows to select from several options including
-Mainspec Bis. This option is for best in slot items.
-Mainspec. This option is for upgrades that may not be your best in slot.
-Minor upgrade/rot. This option is for loot you would rather see go to someone else, loot that is a sidegrade, or loot you may use in the future in a very unlikely situation.
-Offspec. This is for offspec loot. Offspec loot may be given to anyone assuming there were no main spec bids.
-2pc/4pc. This is to indicate if a tier token will give you a set bonus.

Use the Note section to...
-Indicate how large or small an upgrade is.
-Indicate how many pieces of tier tokens you have received from the guild. (Normal and Heroic tokens are separate) Ex. “1 heroic token received” for a heroic token.
-Indicate if you will not be using a piece of loot. Ex. “I cannot equip this until I receive a tier helmet”
-Explain an unlikely or class specific situation. Ex.“This is an item level downgrade but it is best in slot for my class” or “This piece of loot will allow me to equip another piece of loot.”

Loot Disputes
We understand not everyone will agree with how we assign loot every time. If you feel as though you have received a piece of loot you would rather pass on, we consider this an urgent “dispute” and encourage you to bring it up to your R.O. If you feel as though you should have received a piece of loot over someone else, please try and understand the loot council does everything in its power to be fair. Gear is not a personal reward, it is a raid upgrade. There are a number of factors that go into assigning loot. We ask that any disagreements such as these be discussed outside of raid with your R.O exclusively.

Expected Behavior (In and out of raids)
Between Members-
Members are expected to treat each other with respect. Some examples of inexcusable behavior include...
-Blatant name-calling or belittling.
-Harassment (in guild chat AND in whispers.)
-Intolerance. If someones race, gender, sexual orientation or their general presence is intolerable to you, you may show yourself to the door. We are all adults with our own differences. We expect, at the very least, civility between raiders in and out of raid hours.

If you have any problems with a member of the guild, please inform any of the leadership you feel comfortable with. We will not tolerate any behavior that can create discomfort between members or rifts within the guild.

In the public eye-
Our reputation is important to us. We like to remain a drama-free zone. This includes drama outside of our own guild. We ask that members keep in mind their behavior on streams, social media, public WoW chats, and forums can reflect the guild. Please refrain from “starting shit”. This includes making inappropriate comments about other guilds/players or anything that could be perceived as confrontational.

Application Process and Trial Information
Generally, we expect all possible recruits to fill in an application. You may post your application publicly on our forums or privately to the proper Role officer or our Recruitment officer. Exceptions are made rarely by the appropriate Role Officer
Apply here using the application template.

Recruits are expected to...
-Have 100% attendance unless an exception is discussed with your role officer.
-Bring your own consumables. This includes flasks, potions and 125 food. We do use Feasts but on occasion, you may find yourself needing your own food.
-Warm the bench on occasion. We try to be fair and cycle the bench. Chances are, you will not spend your first week on the bench. How would we test you that way?

-Answer Crazy Confetti. This is your favorite jelly bean flavor.

We do not have a set trial period. Your trial period is up to your Role Officer. Should you have any concerns about your performance, feel free to discuss it with your Role Officer.

Guild Leadership
Guild Master: Rinn
Officers: Brand / Artharius