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dota2 for me and u

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Posted 27 February 2016 - 04:49 PM

Cause Gaben made Bruno break the news.


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Posted 27 February 2016 - 06:39 PM

ps don't get me wrong, valve obviously fucked up pretty hard too. was almost certainly some underling somewhere going "no really he'll be on best behavior this time i promise" and then when he wasn't (due in part to icefrog's 'advice'), gaben got really really angry and went hulk smash on the whole broadcast


basically everyone involved is bad at this


valve should join the 21st century and hire a community manager


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Posted 28 February 2016 - 05:04 PM

if they do that they may have to get real dedicated support staff as well :X


That said I find the community faces of Dota are vastly superior to any other major esports company (no offense) in not only their knowledge but cadence. I'd be sad if Dota went the Riot route of having a dedicated group of casters that do all of their major events. I like that Dota's tournament scene isnt all just the main game company but it has a ton of smaller tournaments as well. 


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Posted 28 February 2016 - 06:04 PM

Also to be fair on his opinions of the production staff. He isnt wrong. From declaring winners of the game before a team gg'd out. to constantly losing their stream to consistent delays which maybe have effected the outcome of some games (someteams got to sleep in while othrs were up for nearly 12 hours straight before being able to finish their final games) the production has been a shit show. This coming off how well the last major went.


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Posted 29 February 2016 - 01:27 PM

James released more drama.



Hello and sorry about the well.. English, My publisher doesn’t proof read yet.

Done the once over. You may now read.

So this isn’t really a statement or anything. More of an update for those interested enough to read. If you are not particularly interested, turn away now. There is no drama here.

First, I just want to say thanks. Not for defending me (but to those who did, an extra thank you) but for being vocal about how you felt and being inquisitive, no matter what side of the fence you sat on.

The working title for Book 2 was ‘Butt here to stay’, but it could have been anything, really. It was mostly about the fact that I would like to continue working with Dota 2, I guess. But the title was dependant on Valve’s reply. I’m just happy things don’t have to get dirty-dirty and we can hopefully move forward. Since there is no reply and I am off to America tomorrow for meetings, I just want to let everyone who wants to know what I’m going to do next, and I very much hope I get to continue to work with Dota 2. I’m sure it will be fine. Either way, I hope this doesn’t come off as self-serving.

Some things I will write may seem a bit mushy, but I’ve been watching videos that the community posted. That plus the ongoing heartfelt support has, yeah, been touching :) and...  entertaining.

So this morning, I watched this video and read some comments. It hit me right in the feels! Someone, though, did mention I haven’t been doing much in Dota 2. I really wanted to reply to that (I do so below), so I will tell you what I’ve been up to and what I am hopefully doing next a little further into the book.


But let’s start with Gabe. I dunno Gabe’s views on the situation as it currently stands.  I doubt there will be any talks between Gabe and myself, and I don’t think we need to talk, actually. I’d rather just move on from here on out. But if you were curious if we talked, it’s a no for now. I did email him 2 days ago, though:

“Hi Gabe,

Is there any way we can resolve this situation from here on out. Where both parties can move forward respectfully?



I emailed his account gaben@valvesoftware.com that he gives away so people can contact him in his public posts. I doubt I will get a response, although it's only been 2 days and it’s the weekend. And I’m sure he has more important stuff to do than talking to me. I was told some time ago at Valve HQ that multiple people have access to that account. Maybe it’s company wide-ish, I don’t know. But it seems like it could just be a marketing/PR hook to sell his personality and Valve. Kind of like those letters to father Christmas but for gamers! We will never really know for sure. It might just be a way for the company to handle the huge amount of emails he may get in a better way. I think his actual work email is gabe.newell@valvesoftware.com or something. I emailed that address today and didn’t get an error email back. Though my email (james@2gd.me) is a weird one and can maybe end up in spam folders. So let’s just assume we can move on without the need to talk. We gucci!

On to some comments.

NoodleNonger 7 points 2 hours ago

To be honest, 2GD really wasn't doing much Dota-related stuff already. He's been moving away from it all slowly but surely. We might see him do some more of those casual tournaments and such again but I reckon this is pretty much it unless a non-Valve studio makes a point to bring him in for a panel at some point.

When I read this it made me itch to reply. I’ve actively been working on Dota2 esports stuff and will continue to do so if things are fine with Valve (I dunno if they can make me or would want me to stop). I know they said they will not be working with me again. But I presume that is hopefully on-camera stuff only, which of course I have done less of, but it’s hard to find the time admittedly. Also that choice is perfectly fine for them to make. It’s their events.

What I’ve been working on. If you’d like to know.

Anyway, for the last 9 months I’ve been working on the PGL Dota 2 PRO/AM tournament powered by Twitch. This was a pro-amateur tournament that was designed so only new up-and-coming teams could enter the qualifiers with prize money before going on to the main event.

Design Motivation: Get prize money to the up and coming players to help them get closer to achieving their dreams. Help inject story lines into Dota 2 esports with fresh faces hopefully adding to the games and its esports longevity. ok the list goes on and on. you get my point

We’ve run one so far. It had a 50K USD prize pool provided by Twitch. Because we are dealing with amateur teams, it has been a nightmare to get prize money out due to invoicing/accounting issues, though (still need to pay 3 teams). Mainly administrative difficulties, I hope my accountant won’t notice me western unioning money to a dota 2 team in kyrgyzstan. :)

The Pro-Am Scene So Far

The PGL Dota 2 Pro-Am was held during September, October, and November 2015 and offered a 50,000 USD prize pool to European and CIS teams. We could see a strong interest from up and coming players and teams, and the concept was warmly welcomed by the community as a whole. Professional teams who didn’t qualify for the Frankfurt Major got in touch with us, wanting to be a part of it. We helped provide also with a small financial safety net for those teams who missed out on the Major.

Team sign-ups:

  • Qualifier 1: 228 teams, 1140 players

  • Qualifier 2: 123 teams, 615 players

  • Qualifier 3: 142 teams, 710 players

  • Qualifier 4: 150 teams, 750 players

Up-and-coming teams prize money winners (On tournament completion:)

  • Goomba Gaming: $2000 (career total: $6000, 33% of career total)

  • ScaryFaceZ: $2000 (career total: $11500, 17% of career total)

  • Fantastic Five 2015: $2000 (career total: $2000, 100% of career total)

  • Reasonable Doubt: $2000 (career total: $2000, 100% of career total)

  • SVB: $2000 (career total: $2300, 87% of career total)

  • Walrus Punch $2500 (career total $3250, 77% of career total)

  • Team Bad English $3500 (career total: $3900, 90% of career total)

  • NoLifer5 $2000 (career total: $2000, 100% of career total)

  • (Overall average 55% of career total.)

In addition, 14 teams won $500. For 13 of them, this was their first ever Dota 2 prize winnings.

The 8 Pro teams that joined the tournament were:

  • Na’Vi

  • Stark eSports

  • 4C&L

  • Arcade.PowerRangers

  • London Conspiracy

  • Team Empire

  • CIS Rejects

  • No Logic Gaming


Throughout the tournament, we provided 22 viewing days with 440135 hours watched content.

So yeah, it was in my opinion a success. We helped! Go Twitch, GD, PGL, etc. Anyways, I’ve designed yet another event and lots of other dota stuffs. And I’m always trying to get them financed. I actively work on this.

Why we Don’t do more on camera stuff, many have asked The GD Studio over the time

You probably wonder why we don’t do big events anymore. Well, because frankly it’s not helping. Other companies like BTS, JD, ESL, DH have those covered and though their results vary, they get it done. The reason the GD studio goes quiet, isn’t cus we do nothing. It’s because we work primarily behind the scenes. Although if Valve just added a tournament system in Dota2 -wink wink-, some problems I’m trying to solve would be trivial and I could focus my efforts elsewhere. Go check out the tournament system I designed for Bloodline Champions. It rocks!

Whether I will have any involvement now in up and coming majors or various other products from behind the scenes, as a designer or consultant that I have done before and am currently doing so, I don’t know. And I hope this whole tarnished name thing I was a part of doesn't do any damage to the business relationships I and others have. I am and I alone am accountable for my actions. Hopefully, even though Gabe wrote "We will not be working with James again", that statement won't hold true. I think it will all turn out ok.



I’m flying to Twitch HQ, They were kind -fucking awesome- enough to contact me about the situation and even book flights for me to visit them in America and then send me home!

While there, I’m going to work on a casters’ union. The talent at this major gave some great feedback. It’s a little too much work for me currently with everything. But a lot of people, including myself feel it's needed and are willing to help, so I have no doubt we will get it done. Hopefully it helps sort out any future issues for parties like Valve and other organizers. I mean, other industries have figured this stuff out, and so should we.

Also in America, I will try get a kickstarter up. I probably won't get this much PR ever. So if you feel like you want to support our team at The GD Studio, I will use your money to develop esport games and hopefully deliver a kickass game with a solid esport experience attached to it.

Overall, I’m just happy to be doing what I love to do. And I hope I can inspire and help others wherever possible. Esports has done so much for me and others around me.

Best of luck to all teams at the Shanghai Major main event. Make sure you watch at www.twitch.tv/dotamajor from the 2nd to the 6th of March.

Now to end finish!

I have a dream... That one day all players, no matter their game. get private Bathrooms.

Ooook, then seriously I would say something like… Give me your money for our game . It helps ease the pain! :P

Ok, Ok. ummmm maybe...

Nah, I’m done. Thanks everyone! It was a weird ride. I’ll catch you at the next stop if you're there. I’m off now to follow my dreams; and hopefully help others who also have dreams within esports make them a reality. Who knows, maybe we’ll cross paths if you also dream like me. Hopefully we do. And If I’m really really lucky, I’ll get to do even more than I can ever dream of.

James ‘2GD’ Harding

Feel free to contact me - james@2gd.me



Sorry If you really feel this was over the top, especially that last statement! made me sick inside reading it back :). But considering so many reached out. I wanted to reply to let you know what's going on. and honestly the support you gave was amazing. So many messages of from the community. I was and still am very taken back. But Summary is, I think: I’m all good for those who asked.



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Posted 29 February 2016 - 02:21 PM

I dunno if I'd call that drama. I died a bit on the inside because of the horrendous writing and lack of coherent structure, though.

"Dogs are just firm cats."

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Posted 29 February 2016 - 05:56 PM

He's extremely dyslexic.


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Posted 29 February 2016 - 06:39 PM


I looked on Weibo and Tieba to gauge the average Chinese netizens' reaction to the controversy (one unrelated thing you guys may find interesting that I'd forgotten about, the Chinese nickname for GabeN is Fat G). Anyway, the most common reaction was "Who the hell is 2GD", as you might expect. However, the second most common reaction was different variations of "He was hosting the show and made a sex joke? Serves him right, of course he was fired."

China's government tightly controls all media in the country, and one of the most longstanding rules is the near-complete ban on sexual content and pornography. Basically all porn is blocked on the internet. James's opening joke on the first day was possibly the worst you could think of. Not only did he reference porn and masturbation, he talked about circumventing the government internet blocks in order to watch porn. While he was in China. In front of a camera talking into a microphone.


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Posted 29 February 2016 - 08:10 PM


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Posted 29 February 2016 - 10:14 PM

Well that makes a lot more sense than just "hes an asshole" would

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