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Pessaschitt - Resto Druid/Shaman (905/908)

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Posted 15 May 2017 - 03:05 AM

Character Name: Pessaschiett-Area52

Race, Class, Spec, Dual Spec: Troll Resto Druid

Transfer/Ownership Status: I would transfer. This is absolutely my account.

Gear: https://worldofwarcr...52/pessaschiett



I have 4 piece. If only 2 piece is showing on either, I'm in my Mythic+ gear. I've got all my Resto legendaries on the shaman, and Tearstone/Tranq boots/Lifebloom belt/Velen's on the druid.

Is there anything about your current gearing or specialization that you would consider suboptimal, or against common theory? No.

Alts: My shaman as of now, a DK, and a priest.

Availability: I have no life.

Guilds History: Divine Council on Illidan, Bloodline on Area 52, and ReClear (Kappa) on Area 52. I want to be in a more casual guild.

Describe your raid history, and talk about your role/skill level.
- Pre-BC: N/A
- TBC: N/A
- WotLK: Only PvPed.
- Cata: Only Pvped.

- MoP: Only PvPed.

-WoD: Only PvPed.

-Legion: 7/7M EN and 10/10M NH on my Resto Shaman

Why you want to join: Feral is awesome and Rick is a pinata tank (I've always wanted to raid with a pinata).

Where did you hear about the guild? I have no clue--ask Feral.

Friends in Months Behind: Ferallocity

How well do you know your class? Yes.

Logs: https://www.warcraft...52/pessaschiett

What, if any, mods do you use to help you perform your role while raiding? http://i.imgur.com/bDPNK53.jpg

What degree of raid preparation are you used to? All degrees of raid preparation. 

What internet provider do you use, and how fast is it? All that matters is that my internet's reliable enough to play the game just fine.

We use Discord for voice communication. Are you familiar with it? What's Discord?

Exactly how aware are you that, if accepted, you would be entering a raid group that has been together for a long time, and that you will most likely have to start at the bottom of the totem pole? 


Can I lick the totem pole?


Joke: Joke's on you. I like to be made fun of.

Do you like fishsticks? I think about fishsticks everyday!  ;-) 

Favorite Jelly Bean Flavor: 

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Posted 16 May 2017 - 01:23 PM

Sorry we really arent in the market for another healer at this time. 

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